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Why Hire a Licensed Surveyor for Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne

Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne

Why Hire a Licensed Surveyor for Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne

Expert land surveyors are professionals who assist you in the crucial process of buying and selling a property. If you are planning to buy or sell your property in Melbourne, one vital step in the process that you have to deal with is the ‘title re-establishment survey‘. Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne
is a complex task and demands the involvement of licensed surveyors who are trained and certified to perform the task seamlessly.

Why Hire Licensed Surveyors For Title Re-Establishment Surveys?

The government officials in Melbourne are strict about properties and only approve projects handled by licensed title re-establishment surveyors. So, if you are planning to buy a new property or are looking to sell your current one in Melbourne, read the top 6 reasons for hiring professional title re-establishment surveys in Melbourne.

1. Accurate Boundary Identification

A professional title re-establishment surveyor accurately identifies the boundaries of your property. It is a very important step as it can help avoid any disputes or legal issues in the future. A professional from Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne will use advanced equipment and techniques to measure and mark the exact boundaries of your personal property and make sure that there is no room for error.

2. Compliance with Legal Requirements

During any property transaction in Melbourne, it is mandatory to have a title re-establishment survey done by a licensed surveyor. It is a legal assurance that the property boundaries are accurately identified and comply with the legal requirements set by the local council. When you hire professionals of  Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne, the licensed surveyor makes sure that the concerned property meets all the necessary legal requirements. He also avoids any delays or issues in the process.

3. Does the work faster and more efficiently

Title re-establishment surveys in Melbourne are a complex and time-consuming task. Eventually, it requires specialised skills and knowledge. Licensed professionals are experienced and hence perform the task much faster. Additionally, a surveyor will have the necessary experience and expertise to complete the survey efficiently and accurately, and meanwhile, you can focus on other aspects of your property transaction.

4. Detects Encroachments or Easements

When you hire a licensed surveyor for a professional title re-establishment survey, the professionals detect any encroachments or easements on your property. Encroachments refer to structures or buildings that have encroached onto your property. Easements are, however, the rights of other parties to use a part of your property for a specific purpose. A professional surveyor will identify and mark any encroachments or easements on your property, which can save you from future legal disputes.

5. Provides Detailed Reports

A professional surveyor will provide you with a detailed report of the title re-establishment survey. The licensed surveyor will provide you with a plan and description of your property boundaries. It is an important report generally required for legal purposes. It can also be helpful in the future if you decide to make any changes or additions to your property. The report will also include any encroachments or easements found. Such a detailed report enables you to completely understand your property boundaries.

6. A confidence of safe transaction

As you hire a professional title re-establishment surveyor, you will know that your property boundaries are accurately identified and comply with legal requirements. It is an assurance that you are entering into a safe transaction and there will be no future disputes or issues. It will also give you confidence in your property transaction the time when you buy or sell a property.

End Note

A title re-establishment survey is a crucial step in any property transaction in Melbourne. It is the best way to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to reinforce the accuracy of your property boundaries. It is quite a small investment and turns down all potential disputes.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Greater Melbourne Surveyors for your next title re-establishment survey in Melbourne and get peace of mind forever.

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