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Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne

Are you struggling with land boundary disputes? Does the conversation with your neighbour regarding the boundary lines always result in a fight? Our professionals at Greater Melbourne Surveyors can resolve these matters efficiently. Contact our licensed surveyor for accurate title re-establishment surveys in Melbourne.

Land/properties are under constant evolution. Hence, it becomes essential to remain updated with the latest information. The measurement process becomes more crucial when it is about legal boundaries related to land. Our Professional Title Re-Establishment Survey is an assurance of getting accurate and up-to-date information about the ownership and boundaries of a property. We are a team of licenced Cadstral Surveyors who can provide valuable services related to land surveying. These include land measurement, measurement of property boundaries, ideas on associated rights, ownership, restrictions, etc. Our services help to provide legal clarity and peace of mind to our esteemed clients who look forward to upgrading, selling or developing their property. If you want to undertake a survey through a registered, licensed surveyor, contact us!

Concept of Professional Title Re-Establishment Surveys

Professional Title Re-Establishment Surveys are thorough survey and analysis of a property conducted after considering all relevant information and documents. These legal documents include titles, plans and deeds. Our Experts in Title Re-establishment Surveys in Melbourne strive to produce an accurate representation of the property’s boundary as per the existing legal requirements. A licensed surveyor makes sure that the boundaries and ownership of a piece of land are presented correctly.

We assist in avoiding potential disputes, and we adhere to the legal regulations. Our professional property surveyors also help identify any occupation encroachments, such as fences or structures. This  helps prevent potential legal disputes from arising in the future. It is also a robust way to update property documents and make sure that everything is in line with current laws and regulations.

How Can Our Land Surveyors Help?

If you have a piece of land in Melbourne, be it residential, commercial or rural, you will need the professional help of our licensed land surveyors. We make thorough and accurate title re-establishment surveys in Melbourne that help increase the property’s value. It also helps to provide a clear and legal representation of the land.

Initially, our surveyors will conduct an onsite survey of the property. With advanced technology and equipment, we measure and map the boundaries. We make sure that the process is adhering to the current laws and regulations. Our surveyors prepare a plan after the completion of surveys, which illustrates the relationship between occupation and Title position and gives advice on potential possessory rights.

Note: A Title re-establishment survey can only legally be undertaken by our Licensed Surveyor.

Why Choose Our Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne?

At Greater Melbourne Surveyors, we have licensed surveyors who possess the right expertise to offer property boundary determination. Our experts have the necessary qualifications, knowledge and experience to provide accurate land surveys as per the latest legal standards. Our professionals have access to the latest technology to make the process more efficient and accurate. We have the expertise to interpret the property’s legal documents and ensure that our plans accurately identify any fencing encroachments on you parcel of land. We also mark all Title boundaries on site to reflect the ownership on land.

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