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Expert Feature and Level Surveys in Melbourne

Feature and level surveys are the first step toward getting started with a land development project. It involves locating data on the subject site, the adjoining properties and street features. We at Greater Melbourne Surveyors specialise in offering feature and level surveys/ (topographic surveying) in Melbourne.

Feature and level surveys serve various purposes in a building development project. One of the most significant uses of such surveys is that external experts can establish site control and coordinate with a local datum or Map Grip of Australia (MGA). A comprehensive feature survey establishes the tone for the rest of a land development project. The findings of a feature and level survey significantly influence the proceedings that are associated with the design, construction, and development of the land. You can count on our experienced, qualified and licensed land surveying experts for the most reliable documentation.

What Does a Feature Survey Present? 

A detailed and well-conducted feature survey in Melbourne provides information about a property, along with information on any adjoining properties and other information that are required by your council when you are looking to develop a structure or make changes to a parcel of land.

Such a survey is essential for receiving permission from your local authorities to proceed with your proposed development.

Why Do You Need Our Expert Feature & Level Surveys? 

A feature and level survey is an essential requirement in the initial stages of a development or re-development project. When you get started with a land development project, your local council requires some specific information about the parcel of land on which you are building or modifying. Our professional land surveying service is designed to help your project proceed  by receiving a planning permit and endorsed drawings from the council. Our survey results will also be required by your builders, architects, and other individuals associated as they move forward with your  development project.

A high-quality topographic survey helps to complete the picture of a property and enables your architect to prepare the designs within their parameters. When you choose us as your trusted land surveyor in Melbourne, by providing a complete picture of the property, our experts will not only help you avoid expensive mistakes during the construction stage but also enable a smooth process to complete your development.

We Offer Meticulously Detailed Feature Surveys in Melbourne

If you are planning to get started with a new land development project in Melbourne and require a reliable survey carried out by qualified professionals, you do not have to look further than Greater Melbourne Surveyors.

With our team of highly trained and qualified topographic land surveyors, we are here to help you formulate a comprehensive feature survey plan for your development project.

The Basic Elements of Our Feature and Level Surveys in Melbourne 

  • The existing structures on the land
  • Adjoining structures
  • Fences
  • Buildings, carports, garages and sheds
  • Overlooking windows
  • Driveways, paths and embankments
  • Heights of ridges,gutters and windows
  • Connecting to AHD (Australian Height Datum)
  • Connecting to MGA (Map Grid of Australia)
  • Locating additional buildings on the street
  • Benchmark placed at the front of your property
  • Res-code requirements expected by your local council

And more

The Costs of Our Reliable Feature Surveys

The costs of the feature and level surveys we offer in Melbourne vary depending upon the extent of work that you need. You can speak with our team to get an estimate of the cost for your survey requirements. Our experts will analyse the intricacies of your project and will provide you with a detailed and transparent quote with no hidden surprises involved.

Connect with us now to receive our expert feature and level surveys in Melbourne and ensure a smooth and flawless completion of your land development project.

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