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All You Need To Know About Restrictive Covenant And How Legal Services Help

Restrictive covenant is not just a term but an entire concept that an individual must understand. If you detect a covenant registered on the Title while you are looking forward to a new property or planning to develop an existing one it would have an impact on your property. So, let us understand moire about a restrictive covenant in Melbourne and understand how licensed surveyors can help.

Concept of Restrictive Covenant

A restrictive covenant in Melbourne or elsewhere is a legal contract that puts limitations on the use of a single parcel of land. It is an agreement between parties and puts limitations on the use of a single parcel of land for the benefit of the other. The contract is thus formed in a way that puts restrictions on the use of a particular property. Once the party enters into the contract, the agreement is registered on the Title and is not removed once you purchase a property. If you have a property with such an agreement, it must be disclosed while you are selling it.

General Restrictions included in a restrictive covenant

Restrictive covenants impose several conditions, and here is a list that includes some of them:

  •    This agreement prevents subdivision of land. So, you cannot develop more than one property on the parcel of land.
  • This agreement would put limitations on the choice of materials that can be used to build the walls of the building in the property.
  • This agreement only allows the construction of a single-storey dwelling on the parcel of land.
  • This agreement defines the acceptable fence height.

 What is Removal of Restrictive Covenant

Licensed professionals can conduct a legal process known as the removal of a restrictive covenant. It eliminates the limitations and restrictions imposed on a property by the covenant. When legally binding agreements become a significant obstacle during development, renovation, or changes in land use, these professional services can help in the removal of restrictive covenants.

Experienced licensed surveyors can assist property owners and developers in navigating through the complexities of these legal constraints. So, whenever you are looking to modify your property or undertake a new development, licensed surveyors can facilitate the smooth and successful removal of restrictive covenants in Melbourne.

How Can Removal of Restrictive Covenant in Melbourne Help?

Restrictive covenants put restrictions on a range of activities like building height, land subdivision, single dwelling and more. The removal of restrictive covenants can help property owners to use their investments to the fullest. When property owners wish to develop their land, the removal of restrictive covenants opens up possibilities to utilise their land more. Property owners enjoy the freedom to modify and improve their space, which can increase the value of their property. With the removal of a restrictive covenant in Melbourne, property owners can take up the development or renovation process more efficiently. Finally, when the potential of land is unlocked, it also helps in financial growth.

Removal of restrictive covenant in Melbourne is however a tricky and legal process. It requires the involvement of licensed professionals and hence it is best to be given to professional who are well versed with the intricacies and can successfully navigate through the process.

Bottom Line

Greater Melbourne Surveyors can provide professional assistance with the removal of a restrictive covenant in Melbourne. We have our network of legal professionals to assist you through the entire process. Get in touch with our experts for the removal of restrictive covenant in Melbourne and make the most of your property’s investment today!

Consolidate Land Melbourne; Services For Real Estate Developers 

Why Real Estate Developers Look For Professional Consolidate Land Services

Real estate development is not only just a concept but a huge industry in itself. By real estate business, we mean the construction and management of properties such as residential buildings, commercial complexes, and industrial parks. It is a complex and highly competitive field, especially because the developers constantly work hard to create innovative and profitable projects. If you are into this system and want to succeed in this industry, being a developer, you should have a thorough understanding of the market and access to professional land services. One important aspect of successful real estate development is the consolidation of land. Through this blog, let us understand more about the intricacies of a consolidate land in Melbourne. Let us also understand the role of professional consolidated land services in real estate development.
About Consolidate Land
So, what exactly is land consolidation? It is the process in which multiple parcels of land are combined into one larger tract. It is basically done to create a more efficient and cost-effective use of the land. For real estate developers, land consolidation can provide several benefits that are essential for the success of their projects.

Importance Of Professional Consolidated Land Services

Improvement in land value

Professionals handling a consolidate land in Melbourne can help enjoy an increase in land value. By combining smaller parcels of land, the total area becomes larger, which automatically increases its value. It is beneficial for developers who are looking to build larger projects like residential communities or shopping malls. You get more flexibility in terms of design and construction, as the larger land area provides more space for creativity.

Helps to simplify the lengthy process

Professionals of a consolidate land in Melbourne can also help developers save time and money. The process of acquiring land for development can be lengthy and expensive and are best to be handled by licensed professionals. Consolidation of land by professionals can reduce the time and costs associated with purchasing multiple parcels of land. It further streamlines the construction process, as there is no need to acquire separate permits and approvals for each individual parcel.

A great way to increase profitability

Consolidated land has a higher value, which means that developers can sell or rent out their properties at a higher price. It is, therefore, highly beneficial in prime locations where land prices are already high. Additionally, with a larger land area, developers can build more units, which translates to more revenue. Professional services for land consolidation thus help to increase profitability, which thereby helps developers stay competitive in the market and keep growing their business.

Makes the entire process more convenient

Land consolidation is not a simple process and requires expertise and experience to be done effectively. Licensed professionals consolidate land services and provide developers with the necessary guidance and support in acquiring and consolidating land. They have a team of experts who are well-versed in land laws and regulations. They can easily take up all aspects of the consolidation process, from negotiations to paperwork. So, it is also a great way to ensure that the consolidation is done in compliance with all legal requirements.

Professional consolidated land services are essential for the success of the process of consolidation, which is a critical aspect of real estate development. With the help of these services, developers can focus on their core business of creating innovative and successful projects. If you, too are looking for licensed professionals for a consolidate land in Melbourne, contact Greater Melbourne Surveyors. We are a certified and reliable company and can cover up any land-related formalities.

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Key areas that experts focus on when undergoing Feature and Level Surveys in Melbourne

Key Aspects That Helps in Understanding Feature and Level Surveys

Melbourne has always been a lively city, with multiple attractions to keep the people engaged within itself, from the historical sites to the modern developments that have come up in recent times. In places like these, getting professional Feature and Level Surveys in Melbourne is important for various reasons. From the urban planning and infrastructure development to that of preserving the unique characteristics of the place. Here we will try to understand what are some of the key aspects that professional surveyors focus on when conducting Feature and Level Surveys in Melbourne.
Melbourne has emerged as a place full of life because of its distinct neighbourhoods that are filled with stunning architecture and evolving landscapes. Underneath this lies the careful planning of the experts who make sure to keep the aesthetic and characteristics of the city while developing it Here are some of the key aspects that experts focus on during Feature and Level Surveys in Melbourne:

●Analysis of the Terrain:

The terrain of the Melbourne area differs significantly, from the flat CBD to the hilly suburbs. Each and every element has an important role to play in the mapping of the elevation change, water course, etc all those that can help make the right use of the land and proper development planning.

●Heritage Preservation:

Melbourne is one of those locations that gives immense importance to each of its historical building sites. Keeping this in mind, the Features and Land Surveys plays an important role in documenting each and every such asset and making a plan accordingly. The experts are then required to record each and every detail to be able to accommodate such elements in the upcoming development projects. This helps them comply with the rules and regulations, in the meantime maintaining a balance between progress and heritage.

●Urban Development:

When it comes to the development of the location, one can not be left behind in terms of keeping pace with the latest requirements and trends. Urban development necessitates the people to keep up and maintain the visual appeal of the city. For such to happen, Features and Land Surveys play an important role in the following of different regulations integrating the newer developments with the existing elements.

●Infrastructure Planning:

The development of efficient infrastructure networks is crucial for the smooth operation of a city. Surveys play a significant role in understanding the current state of infrastructure and guiding future planning endeavours. Surveyors meticulously map out roads, railways, utilities, and pinpoint areas that require enhancement or expansion to promote sustainable infrastructure development in the long run.

●Environmental Considerations:

Melbourne places high value on its lush green spaces, prompting surveys to delve into factors like vegetation cover and biodiversity levels to improve environmental assets. By incorporating environmental considerations into the urban planning process, experts ensure the creation of a sustainable city that can be enjoyed by future generations.

Community Engagement:

Emphasising inclusive planning is at the core of Melbourne’s development strategy, as surveys offer residents a platform to express their views and opinions. Through collaboration with the community, surveyors gather valuable insights that help shape decision-making processes and align projects with the specific needs of the local population.
Features and Land Surveys are key aspects that play an important role in the development of the major urban development. They help in the planning and guiding of the urban infrastructure development and conservation efforts. Features and Land Surveys allows the people to be able to analyse the terrain and make a decision accordingly. This allows the expert like Greater Melbourne Surveyors to be able to plan the development that will help prevent the complexities that may come up in the later stage of the project.

Why Hire a Licensed Surveyor for Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne

Expert land surveyors are professionals who assist you in the crucial process of buying and selling a property. If you are planning to buy or sell your property in Melbourne, one vital step in the process that you have to deal with is the ‘title re-establishment survey‘. Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne
is a complex task and demands the involvement of licensed surveyors who are trained and certified to perform the task seamlessly.

Why Hire Licensed Surveyors For Title Re-Establishment Surveys?

The government officials in Melbourne are strict about properties and only approve projects handled by licensed title re-establishment surveyors. So, if you are planning to buy a new property or are looking to sell your current one in Melbourne, read the top 6 reasons for hiring professional title re-establishment surveys in Melbourne.

1. Accurate Boundary Identification

A professional title re-establishment surveyor accurately identifies the boundaries of your property. It is a very important step as it can help avoid any disputes or legal issues in the future. A professional from Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne will use advanced equipment and techniques to measure and mark the exact boundaries of your personal property and make sure that there is no room for error.

2. Compliance with Legal Requirements

During any property transaction in Melbourne, it is mandatory to have a title re-establishment survey done by a licensed surveyor. It is a legal assurance that the property boundaries are accurately identified and comply with the legal requirements set by the local council. When you hire professionals of  Title Re-Establishment Surveys in Melbourne, the licensed surveyor makes sure that the concerned property meets all the necessary legal requirements. He also avoids any delays or issues in the process.

3. Does the work faster and more efficiently

Title re-establishment surveys in Melbourne are a complex and time-consuming task. Eventually, it requires specialised skills and knowledge. Licensed professionals are experienced and hence perform the task much faster. Additionally, a surveyor will have the necessary experience and expertise to complete the survey efficiently and accurately, and meanwhile, you can focus on other aspects of your property transaction.

4. Detects Encroachments or Easements

When you hire a licensed surveyor for a professional title re-establishment survey, the professionals detect any encroachments or easements on your property. Encroachments refer to structures or buildings that have encroached onto your property. Easements are, however, the rights of other parties to use a part of your property for a specific purpose. A professional surveyor will identify and mark any encroachments or easements on your property, which can save you from future legal disputes.

5. Provides Detailed Reports

A professional surveyor will provide you with a detailed report of the title re-establishment survey. The licensed surveyor will provide you with a plan and description of your property boundaries. It is an important report generally required for legal purposes. It can also be helpful in the future if you decide to make any changes or additions to your property. The report will also include any encroachments or easements found. Such a detailed report enables you to completely understand your property boundaries.

6. A confidence of safe transaction

As you hire a professional title re-establishment surveyor, you will know that your property boundaries are accurately identified and comply with legal requirements. It is an assurance that you are entering into a safe transaction and there will be no future disputes or issues. It will also give you confidence in your property transaction the time when you buy or sell a property.

End Note

A title re-establishment survey is a crucial step in any property transaction in Melbourne. It is the best way to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken to reinforce the accuracy of your property boundaries. It is quite a small investment and turns down all potential disputes.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Greater Melbourne Surveyors for your next title re-establishment survey in Melbourne and get peace of mind forever.

Understanding the Key Components of a Title Amendment Applications in Melbourne

Title Amendment Applications is an important process that has gained significant importance in recent times. When it comes to the declaration of property ownership, a Title Amendment Application is of utmost importance. No matter who is the person involved in the property ownership, it is important that they are aware of the minute details and nuances of Title Amendment Applications in Melbourne. This blog will help us understand the steps involved in the filing of Title Amendment Applications with the concerned authorities.

Steps to a Successful Title Amendment Application in Melbourne

Australia is a vast landscape and claiming ownership of a particular land is crucial. This is why it is important to ensure the legality and accuracy of the documents. The process allows the particular property owner to be able to rectify errors, update necessary information or make the changes. Understanding the key components of the Title Amendment Applications in Melbourne is unimportant for each and everyone involved in the property transaction. Some of the important steps are as follows:

●Reason for Amendment:

The very first step in a title amendment application is to clearly state the reason for the proposed application. There are various reasons why one might want to get the amendment done as soon as possible. No matter the reason, it is important to provide accurate details and explanations for a seamless application process.


Proper documentation is the key to everything and is a fundamental aspect of any legal process. Depending on the type of amendment, different types of documents play an important role in resolving it as soon as possible. Thus, ensuring that all necessary documents are arranged and submitted accordingly is of the utmost importance.

●Legal Requirements:

Being compliant with the necessary legal requirements is a non-negotiable aspect of the amendment process. Understanding of the relevant laws and regulations governing the properties is essential to ensure that the applicant adheres to the legal requirements throughout the entire application process.

●Fees and Charges:

The title amendment application process involves the payment of fees and charges as and when necessary. These fees or charges are dependent on the types of application process, and is thus important to be aware of all that is needed when filing for a Title Amendment Applications in Melbourne.

●Notification and Consent:

In certain situations, notification and consent from relevant parties might be necessary for a title amendment application to move forward. It could involve informing mortgage lenders, co-owners, or government authorities. Making sure all required parties are informed and provide consent can help avoid delays or complications in the application process.

●Review and Approval Process:

Once the title amendment application is submitted, it will undergo a review by the appropriate authorities. This review typically involves verifying the accuracy of the information provided and ensuring adherence to legal requirements. Depending on the complexity of the amendment, the review and approval process may take several weeks or months to be finalised.

●Notification of Outcome:

Once the review process is complete, the applicant will be informed of the decision on the Title Amendment Applications in Melbourne. If the application is approved, the necessary changes will be made to the title deeds. After this an updated certificate of title will be issued. If the application is rejected, the reasons for denial will be communicated to the applicant, who may then have the chance to address any issues and resubmit the application.

●Record Keeping:

Maintaining accurate records of the title amendment application and any related documentation is crucial for future reference. This includes keeping copies of all communications, approvals, and updated title deeds. Having comprehensive records can help simplify future property transactions and resolve any potential conflicts or discrepancies.

Understanding the key aspects of the Title Amendment Applications in Melbourne is essential for completing the process seamlessly. From the basic documentation to the compliance with the rules and regulations, each and every step is crucial to the success of the application. Property owners looking to get the application should be aware of all the necessary details to file for the application. Knowing all the details can help them navigate the process confidently and at the end safeguard their interest in the complicated real estate market. If you are looking to get the title amendment application done, get in touch with Greater Melbourne Surveyors without any further delay.