Consolidation of Land Parcels in Melbourne

Consolidation of land is the systematic process of merging two or more adjoining parcels of land to make one single parcel. There can be many reasons that may demand the consolidation of two or more parcels that are owned by one or  more owners. Consolidation of land parcels in Melbourne is especially beneficial if you are planning to develop residential estates, farms, office parks, or industrial zones that are spread across multiple land parcels. It can also reduce land tax.

When it comes to proceeding with the consolidation of land, you need to complete some legal formalities to get approval from your local council before you get started with your construction process. We at Greater Melbourne Surveyors are here to help you every step of the way, from submitting your application to getting it approved. We are a team of licensed and qualified land surveyors in Melbourne with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

How Can We Help with Your Consolidation of Land Parcel?

At Greater Melbourne Surveyors, our qualified experts draw up the necessary land parcel consolidation plans, which  are based either on a land survey or a cadastral map base. Then we will submit the plans to the local council to be certified under Section 22 of the Subdivision Act 1988. Once this formality has been completed, you will be required to register your title consolidation plan at Land Victoria in order to get the new title issued.

Our qualified and experienced experts will offer you the best assistance at every step of the way when you trust us with the process of consolidation of land in Melbourne.

At Greater Melbourne Surveyors, we follow the following steps to help you with your land parcel consolidation process.

Preparation of the Application 

Before our qualified team proceeds with the process of consolidating your land parcel, we will prepare all the necessary subsidiary legal entities for consolidation. This enables us to make sure we have all the necessary information and documents that we need to submit your application for consolidation.

Preparation of Surveyor’s Report 

On the basis of our active field survey or non-survey guidelines, we will prepare the survey report for your desired consolidation of your property. Undertaking this step is essential for attaining your desired consolidated title.

Submission of Your Application for Your Consolidation of Land

While submitting your application for consolidation in Melbourne, we will submit your documentation to the relevant authorities through the SPEAR (Surveying and Planning through Electronic Application). Being one of the registered SPEAR applicants, Greater Melbourne Surveyors has the ability to lodge and coordinate your application on your behalf through this electronic format.

With us by your side to help you with your consolidation of land parcels in Melbourne, you can rest assured that your application will be assessed within a quick timeframe, and you will be permitted to get started with your development project without delay.

Why Choose Us as Your Trusted Land Surveyor in Melbourne? 

At Greater Melbourne Surveyors, while offering our land surveying services, we prioritise precision and your complete peace of mind.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Experts

Each of our land surveying experts is highly trained and qualified, and we have more than 15 years of experience operating in the field, making us the most reliable land surveyors in Melbourne. We are registered with the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria, making us your number one choice for your land consolidation needs.

We Offer Specialised Support 

When you are looking to consolidate land in Melbourne and looking to receive specialised support with the legal formalities, we have got your specific needs completely covered. Our qualified experts are well-versed in the intricacies of Victoria’s land processes and will ensure your consolidation process is completed successfully without allowing you to encounter any complications.

Starting from preparing your application to submitting it to the local authorities and getting it approved, our expert team will do it all.

We Use Advanced Knowledge and Cutting-Edge Technology 

As your trusted land surveyor in Melbourne, we prioritise complete accuracy in our surveys and reports. To make it possible, we implement ongoing training and skill development programs for our experts. Besides, we also use only the advanced and cutting-edge technologies while conducting our surveys, ensuring there is maximum accuracy and no possibility of any errors.

So, if you are looking to consolidate land in Melbourne for your upcoming development project or you would like to reduce your land tax bill, we are here to make it easier with our expert support. Allow us to prepare and submit your consolidation applications with a guarantee of approval from your local council.

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