Lettable Area Survey in Melbourne

A lettable area survey or a lease plan survey is carried out to measure the floor space offered for leasing purposes. Such surveys are often used in rental calculations, property validations and lease documentation. We, at Greater Melbourne Surveyors, specialise in offering accurate and reliable lettable area surveys in Melbourne.If you are a proprietor, tenant, or a real estate agent, you can count on us for your lease area survey requirements.

With the help of our accurate lease area survey plans, you can negotiate fair rent and lease agreements and also confirm areas for valuation purposes. We are licensed and registered land surveyors in Melbourne with the highest level of qualifications that guarantee the exact lease area of a tenancy.

Types of Lettable Area Surveys that We Specialise In


Gross Lettable Area Retail (GLAR) Surveys:

This type of survey is conducted for retail tenancies. While conducting our GLAR surveys, our experts take measurements from the internal surfaces on the exterior walls or midline of any shared walls to accurately calculate the total occupiable floor space. We also include areas of exclusive use for the occupant, such as basements and mezzanines, in our lease area survey.

You can use our GLAR surveys to accurately determine the retail tenancy areas in a commercial building, a shopping centre, a strip shop, a semi-detached or terrace-type shop, or a freestanding shop.

Gross Lettable Area (GLA) Surveys: 

This type of survey is conducted for commercial and industrial properties. While conducting our GLA surveys, our experts calculate the total lettable floor space with the measurements taken from exterior wall surfaces and/or the midline of any shared walls. We also include areas such as mezzanine floors in our surveys. You can use our GLA surveys for a wide range of properties, such as showrooms, warehouses, industrial buildings and freestanding supermarkets.

Net Lettable Area (NLA) Surveys: 

These  types of lettable areas surveys are carried out for office buildings. While conducting our NLA surveys, our qualified experts take measurements from the internal surfaces on the exterior walls and/or mid-line of any shared walls and exclude areas such as toilets, stairwells, vertical service ducts, and lift lobbies while calculating the total occupiable floor space.

You can use our NLA surveys to identify the floor space of multistory properties and office buildings.

Why Do You Need a Lease Area Survey? 

As per the guidelines of The Property Council of Australia of Measurement guidelines, it is essential to conduct lease area surveys over a range of businesses and applications such as corporate office buildings, supermarkets, and retail spaces in shopping malls.

As your trusted, licensed, and experienced land surveyors in Melbourne, our experts will interpret the findings of the surveys and provide advice on how to apply them to suit your particular needs best.

Here is why you can rely on our expert land surveying services:

  • Our accurate and reliable lease area surveys will enable you to comply with the Property Council of Australia’s requirements that may apply to Leasing.
  • A lease area survey assists in preventing owner-tenancy disputes over the use of land or area during a tenancy. To simplify, if an area is incorrectly quoted, it could result in expensive disputes or legal actions. If you are a tenant, you need to pay only for the space that you actually use. With our expert lettable area survey in Melbourne, you can eliminate any unwanted disputes associated with a tenancy.
  • A lease area survey becomes valuable in regard to future business planning expenses and use. Over the course of ten years, a minor mistake in calculating a leased area can have a very significant impact on tenancies and associated factors. You can avoid such a circumstance by relying upon our expert lettable area surveys offered by our highly qualified experts.

If you are ready to get started with your lettable area survey in Melbourne and need expert professional support, we at Greater Melbourne Surveyors are here to offer assistance. Connect with us today!

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