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Land Subdivision in Melbourne

We are professional Land Surveying Consultants and a one-stop solution for subdivisions. If you are looking for Land Subdivision in Melbourne or need professional assistance in Property Subdivision in Melbourne, look no further than Greater Melbourne Surveyors. Our consultants are experts in the field and committed to excellence in providing subdivision solutions for your projects. We make efforts to maximise the potential of your land and adhere to local regulations and market demands. If you need a trustworthy partner excelling in subdivision work, get in touch with us!

What We Offer

Land Subdivisions from 2 lots to over 500 lots

Building Subdivisions from dual occupancy developments to high-rise developments

Staged subdivisions with or without Common Property

Land Subdivision Melbourne

It is the process of dividing a large parcel of land into multiple parcels of land. Land subdivision in Melbourne is the successful creation of new lot parcels in order to enable the sale of the created lot. This activity of subdividing land helps the owners to create additional parcels of land that can be used for separate sale purposes or development.

Subdivision requires the oversight of local and state government regulations, land size considerations and directions imposed by council.

The practice of subdividing property is quite commonly completed in both the urban and rural areas of Melbourne/Victoria and involves surveys, engineering and legal considerations. If you want to make efficient use of your Melbourne property, you need local council planning permission and a plan of subdivision signed by a licensed surveyor.

Property Subdivision Melbourne

Property subdivision in Melbourne helps meet the city’s growing housing needs. It is all about how a single property is divided into multiple parcels. Property subdivision enables dense living arrangements, which eventually enhances the property’s value.

Why Hire Professionals for Land and Property Subdivision?

Land & property subdivision or building subdivision is best left to experts who are well versed with the state rules and regulations and are also aware of the latest market trends or practices. Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge regarding the local zoning laws, planning policies and environmental regulations.

We make sure the projects of land subdivisions in Melbourne meet all legal requirements and also prevent the risk of further complications. Besides, we have a rich knowledge regarding the properties that cannot be subdivided. Here are the basic features of a property that cannot be subdivided.

  • A Property holding an unresolved or pending court case
  • A property with a restriction or covenant on further development

Above all, subdivisions can only be undertaken by a Licensed Surveyor.

Why Choose Melbourne Surveyors?

Our skilled and licensed surveyors of property subdivisions in Melbourne understand that each piece of land is unique and, hence, we prepare specialised subdivision plans accordingly.

Here are some more reasons to book an appointment with our consultants:

● We are experts in streamlining subdivisions

Our professional consultants can plan and manage land subdivisions in Melbourne efficiently, which involves coordinating with architects, engineers, contractors, local authorities and more.

● We are experienced in the field

We are a team of experienced consultants who can guide you through the entire regulatory process and make sure the property subdivision project is successful. With us, there are no risks of delays.

● We conduct thorough market research

With us, you get a market-driven solution. We make efforts to align the subdivision plan with present market trends. It enables the lot to fetch a premium value.

● We keep communications clear

We believe in clear communication at every stage. You will receive updates on progress and industry knowledge regarding potential concerns. This transparency enables you to reach your goals conveniently.

Contact Greater Melbourne Surveyors Today!

We at Greater Melbourne have a track record of delivering outstanding subdivision projects in Melbourne. No matter whether you are an investor, a developer or a property owner, with us as your trusted partner for property subdivision in Melbourne, you can unlock the true potential of your real estate investments and ensure maximum return.

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