Creation and Removal of Easements in Melbourne

We at Greater Melbourne Surveyors deal with the creation and removal of easements in Melbourne. Our experts can guide you with the most cost-effective methods to create and remove easements. With our expert service, you will receive efficient and effective solutions regarding the removal of easements from your property.

Our Creation of Easements

Our skilled surveyors at Greater Melbourne Surveyors understand the importance of easements and how purposeful they are. Whether it’s for access, utilities,or other specific purposes, our experts meticulously analyse your property.

Our Removal of Easements

Our team takes a strategic approach to deliver professional removal of easements in Melbourne. We make efforts to improve the value of your  property. We begin by evaluating the existing easement and continue with understanding its impact on your property’s potential use. Our removal strategies are effectively designed with legal requirements in mind. Our experts handle professional negotiation with relevant authorities and present a compelling case for removal. Make Greater Melbourne Surveyors your trusted partner for strategic and effective easement removal.

How Do We Do It?

The list below identifies some of the methods and powers that can be used to create and remove easements:

  • Section 22 of the Subdivision Act 1988
  • Section 23 of the Subdivision Act 1988
  • Section 45 of the Transfer of Land Act 1958
  • Section 73A of the Transfer of Land Act 1958
  • Section 36 of the Subdivision Act 1988

We at Greater Melbourne Surveyor make the complicated process easier with our experts.

How Can Professional Easement Creation and Easement Removal Help?

The creation and removal of easements are best left to experts who can handle the legal and administrative considerations, and we will complete the process smoothly. The experts deal with the crucial paperwork regarding legal and administrative work and make the process more streamlined. Finally, you have peace knowing that your easement removal or creation is in our experts’ hands and there is no ambiguity in the process.

Why Choose Greater Melbourne Surveyors?

We at Greater Melbourne Surveyors specialise in delivering precise and professional solutions. Here are some more reasons to choose our creation and removal of easements in Melbourne:

● We make your property more valuable

If you want to make your property more purposeful, engage our experts. We make a strategic approach to easement removal and assist you in getting through the complex processes.

● We make the legal complications easy

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of each aspect of easement creation and removal in Melbourne and, hence, can help you avoid the legal complications involved in the process.

● We make the process smooth

From securing approvals to preparing documents, we make your journey of creation or removal of easements more streamlined and easy.

● We take strategic legal approaches

Our experts examine the existing easements, find out the legal grounds and negotiate with relevant parties for removal. They provide a smooth and successful removal process and safeguard your property’s interest at the same time.

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We at Greater Melbourne Surveyors deliver outstanding solutions to the creation and removal of easements in Melbourne. Make the most of your property by choosing our high-quality service.

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